Project for Housing and Jobs Grant
April 23, 2022

We are looking for grants from sponsors for the implementation of the project COTTAGE TOWN WITH OFFICES "KLUSTER CITY" aimed at providing housing and jobs for engineers and IT professionals

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April 18, 2022

Construction of housing, frame houses in Transcarpathia and non-residential premises using technology based on Neopor® - graphite polystyrene. How to quickly build a house. Rapid technology of housing construction for migrants for grant programs for housing construction for people who lost their homes during the war between Russia and Ukraine.

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April 16, 2022

Продаж ділянок в Закарпатті, ділянки  для будівництва та бізнесу в Сваляві, Мукачеві, Ужгороді, Хусті різної площі з комунікаціями та хорошим підїздом

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April 15, 2022

Homes for sale in cities and villages of Zakarpattia, Uzhhorod, Svalyava, Khust Mukachevo. Let's help to buy a cottage in Transcarpathia which can be rented out and receive income.

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Rent a large room in Uzhgorod or Transcarpathia
March 27, 2022

Rent a warehouse, shop, office in Transcarpathia, relocation of enterprises to Transcarpathia due to Russia's fault against Ukraine

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Holidays in the Carpathians, rent a house in Polyana Svalyava
February 17, 2022

Here is information about accommodation for recreation and leisure in the Carpathians in the village of Polyana, cottages for rent, apartments for recreation in the sanatorium Sunny Transcarpathia and information about locations worth visiting within a radius of 70 kilometers.

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Passive income - resort real estate in the Carpathians. Buy an apartment, flat, cottage in a resort in Transcarpathia.
February 13, 2022

We will help you to invest profitably in the resort Ukrainian real estate, with a profitability of up to 14%. We offer assistance in selling and renting to developers, property owners of apartments Rikka Termal SPA, Sunny Quarter, Green PARK Resort, apartments and cottages Khust, Bukovel, Shayan, Polyana, Slavsk, Krasiya and other resorts of Transcarpathia.

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to buy a plot for business in the Carpathians
February 7, 2022

We will help you to buy a plot of land for business and entrepreneurial activity in the Carpathians, Transcarpathia, plots for hotels, factories, farms, plots with utilities and access railway. We sell ready warehouses and production facilities in Transcarpathia.

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Buy an apartment in Uzhhorod- what you need to know
February 4, 2022

Want to buy an apartment, then you should read it, a little information about buying an apartment.

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to buy a townhouse in Uzhgorod
December 30, 2021

Choosing housing in Uzhgorod, different types of housing in the real estate market what to choose, where to buy itlo in Uzhgorod

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