How to choose an apartment for a comfortable stay

How to choose an apartment for a comfortable stay

Prices for apartments in Transcarpathia on the primary market (from developers) range from $ 400/1 sq.m. up to 800 dollars / 1 sq.m.

What we pay for and what we receive.

The cost of all apartments without exception takes into account:

The cost of land (or the cost of rent during construction)

Costs of purchasing materials and wages

Risk coverage of developers

Communications connection costs

Reward (margin) of the developer

What we get when buying an apartment, ideally it is; not only square meters of the apartment and spacious stairwells, corridors. We need to get space for a comfortable stay. By space for comfortable living I also mean the adjacent territory, fire passages for our safety, green area (flower beds) for aesthetics, recreation area with benches and playgrounds, a place for sanitary needs such as cleaning carpets and so such places have to be provided at construction of apartment massifs, places for parking are provided also in each type of apartments on differently for example in apartments of a deluxe class it is one park place for the adult, business class one park place for two persons.

I recommend when buying an apartment to pay ATTENTION to the above characteristics of the LCD. In the following essays I will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of the location of the land on which the apartment house is being built.

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