How in Transcarpathia will affect the lifting of the moratorium on sales and change the purpose of shares.

How in Transcarpathia will affect the lifting of the moratorium on sales and change the purpose of shares.

Almost everyone already knows that from July 1, 2021, the ban on the purchase and sale of land plots of commodity agricultural production (hereinafter TSV) PAIV will be lifted. Many real estate market experts do not predict a rapid increase in the value of shares and believe that lifting the moratorium on the sale of TSV plots will not greatly affect the value of land in Ukraine, I partially disagree, my opinion is that the value of shares and land for sale was not moratorium, ie residential and public buildings, will depend on the general factors that affect the value of such plots, why would you say so, if TSV is agricultural land, I want to remind you that from July will be lifted not only the moratorium on the sale of shares but also the moratorium to change the purpose of these land plots, which means that having invested about 3-5 thousand US dollars, you will sell a land plot of 1 hectare for non-agricultural purposes, such as a plot for the construction of a gas station or supermarket on the outskirts of the city. It follows that the market value of land shares of PAIIV in some cases will be equal to the value of plots for commercial activities. In which cases do you ask, here we return to the factors that affect the value of land, the main factor is the location, which for each activity is individual, for example to buy a site for gas station construction will be profitable on high-speed roads with high car traffic and buy plot for a supermarket will be profitable in the suburbs with a population of 50 thousand people near a busy road, also important factors influencing the cost of land are utilities but they can be summed up so the main factor in pricing when buying plots of land will be their place shading. The above factors will also affect the well-being of citizens who may have the funds to sell shares to start their own business.
I will return to the main topic of the article "Transcarpathia in an open land market" I will try to model how the lifting of the moratorium on sales and shares and the change of their purpose will affect Transcarpathia. To model this, you need to understand a bit about the boundaries and territorial organization of settlements in Transcarpathia. Transcarpathian region

60% covered with mountains and forests, most settlements and especially cities are sandwiched by boundaries that were established in the 60-70s of last century, between the mountains, forests, rivers and lands of former collective farms, ie PAYAMI, as known agriculture lands that were not built up at that time.
I will start with the impact of the open market of TSV land - lifting the moratorium on sales and changing the purpose of land in the tourism industry of Transcarpathia, I believe that with the right comprehensive approach to tourism development in Transcarpathia, lifting the moratorium will provide additional opportunities for development of this industry. resorts and their infrastructure will be vacated new areas adjacent to them in the real estate market will be new offers for the sale of land.
The next positive impact will be industry, as is known in Transcarpathia, especially in mountainous areas, land shares are located along highways, it is also known that land in these areas have a fairly low yield, so in modern industrialization they will be better used to build industrial parks harmless production, territorial Communities will receive in the complex planning of their own territories will be able to design industrial that will allow shareholders to change the purpose of plots and sell their plots profitably.
The next positive impact will be felt by cities such as Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Khust, which are developing rapidly in various sectors of the economy, it is known that most production facilities of these cities in the 80s of last century were located in the suburbs, but now the former suburbs in the language of real estate appraisers zone, which in European countries is used for apartment and office buildings, lifting the moratorium will allow to transfer the production capacity of existing enterprises on the outskirts, and in the city of industrial zones to develop residential and office quarters and social infrastructure.

Conclusion: regarding the value of land plots of PAKIV in Zakarpattia, their value in some cases will be on a par with residential and public buildings due to their favorable location, the other side is to increase the number of land plots suitable for different typesbuilding can be 10 percent. it all depends on the location. As for benefits, Transcarpathia will receive new territories for the development of industry, tourism and social infrastructure, local communities will receive taxes on the sale of real estate, Transcarpathians will receive additional income from the sale of land.
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author I. Chiypesh


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