What to buy an apartment or flat in the Carpathians?

From 2018 in the Transcarpathian, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk regions began to appear a new type or subtype of real estate that was previously characteristic of countries with developed tourist infrastructure such as Turkey, Greece, Spain. Let's try to understand a little what is the difference between an apartment and an apartment.
Almost everyone understands what an apartment is and why they buy it.
Apartments in accordance with current legislation in Ukraine is a commercial type of real estate intended for temporary residence of people, in fact it is part of the hotel complex, ie a room in a hotel complex. There are several reasons why aparthotels are built instead of residential complexes, one of the main ones is the lack of up-to-date town-planning documentation of general plans of settlements outside settlements, and according to the land code outside settlements there can be no land plots of public housing, only the lands of recreational purpose on which it is possible to build aparthotels, the second reason less strict norms at construction of constructions intended for temporary residence of people, at construction aparthotels hotel developers have lower requirements for construction than for apartment construction, such as insolation (natural and solar lighting) building density (apartment building should be more spacious), the area of ​​apartments There are corresponding DBN of the area of ​​rooms, height of a ceiling). Deciding to buy an apartment, you should know about the pros and cons of this type of real estate.
The disadvantages include the maintenance of such real estate:
- Real estate taxes are paid at a commercial rate
- payment of utilities at the rate for entrepreneurs
- it is impossible to register
- it is impossible to apply for a subsidy
- may fall under the luxury tax

What benefits do you get if you buy an apartment:
- location (in most cases, well-developed tourist infrastructure nearby)
- The use of the pool and other services can be free of charge for the owners on the territory of the aparthotel
- apartments can bring you passive income from renting, in most cases, aparthotels have a management company that will rent your home.
What to buy an apartment or flat, it all depends on what the purpose of the purchase and what you want to get, if you need luxury status housing for temporary residence and passive income then you need to buy an apartment if you want to buy an apartment for permanent residence with a developed social infrastructure (kindergartens, schools, pharmacies, hospitals) then you need to buy an apartment.
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