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Holidays in the Carpathians
Why you should pay attention to vacation in the Carpathians and buy real estate here.
The Carpathians are a charming and very diverse region, a holiday in the Carpathians will satisfy the desires of the most discerning traveler, the Carpathians combine harsh but charming highlands and valleys with herbaceous and berry vegetation rich in vitamins, such as yaffina. mountain massifs that flow smoothly into the lower forests and virgin forests of Transcarpathia with a great variety of flora and fauna, on the territory of these forests for tourists and tourists cycling routes. At the foot of the Carpathian forests in the valleys of the Carpathian rivers are villages with an authentic culture that you will not find anywhere else in Ukraine. In the Carpathians within a radius of 100 kilometers you can see the life of different cultural groups Lemko, Lyshkiv, visit open-air museums in the village Kolochava, museum of wooden churches, deer farm near the town of Khust, brown bear reserve near Mizhhirya, visit the alpine lake Synevyr, drink healing Polyanska, Solochynska Shayanska water. Taste Transcarpathian banosh dishes, home-made potatoes with brynza, chowlent, bograch, Transcarpathian trout and much more, taste Transcarpathian wines, beer and drinks more strongly.
In the Carpathians you can buy real estate for every taste, both architectural and climatic. Mild temperate-continental climate in the Carpathians can be divided into zones with different climates), in the highlands of the Carpathians are Rakhiv Tyachiv, Veliko Bereznyansky, Mizhhirya districts of Transcarpathia and Nadivrnyansky Yaremche districts of Ivano-Frankivsk region, the climate is cool for in the Carpathians and winter recreation and summer trips to the mountains, Svalyava Volovets, Perechyn, Khust districts are regions with moderate humidity and temperature in these areas, many resorts that treat mineral healing waters of Transcarpathia, Mukachevo, Beregovo, Vynohradiv district, Uzhhorod The warm climate in these areas is now actively developing thermal pools for recreation and health, an additional advantage they have proximity to the border with the EU, here it is profitable to buy real estate for permanent residence because it has a stable price and is always in demand.
Transcarpathian and Ivano-Frankivsk regions are attractive for tourists from all over Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians and foreigners from Transcarpathian border countries go to Transcarpathia every year. All this is due to a wide range of recreation, namely:
- medical tourism
- camping tourism
-    sports tourism
- green tourism
- extreme tourism
- gastronomic tourism
We invite you to relax in Transcarpathia, on our portal of real estate and tourism you will find a suitable type of recreation for you and rent suitable accommodation for you and your family.
Why you should have a rest in Transcarpathia, and because here you can take a break from work and get healthy physically and spiritually:
Medical tourism: Rest and health of the gastrointestinal tract in Transcarpathia will help you Transcarpathian therapeutic balneological mineral table waters Polyana Kupel, Polyana Kvasova, Luzhanska - 7, presented in the sanatoriums Kvitka Polonyny, Kryshtaleve dzhere, Polyarne M, Sonya. Our portal of real estate and tourism presents a wide range of real estate near the resorts of Transcarpathia as for daily rent of apartments, houses, log houses, hostels, hotels for rest, and you will find on our portal real estate sold with us you can quickly and efficiently ;
- buy an apartment in Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Svalyava, Polyana, Berehove, Tyachev, Khust, Rakhiv, Irshava, Perchin.
- buy a house in Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Svalyava, Polyana, Berehovo, Tyachev, Khust, Rakhiv, Irshava, Pepper (do you need all the settlements of Transcarpathia)
- buy a plot of land for the construction of a dacha or house for living in the Carpathians, a plot for the construction of a garage
- commercial real estate, hotels, land for construction of restaurants, cafes, supermarkets
Sanatorium Sinyak in Mukachevo district and thermal waters of Beregovo district will help you to relax and treat your musculoskeletal system in Zakarpattia. Here we can offer you rental housing and help you buy different types of real estate in elite settlements of Zakarpattia near sanatoriums.
Camping tourism: relaxing in Transcarpathia in nature is an extreme, cool, interesting options for such a holiday in abundance, wild places - meadows, coastal rivers, forest, there are also specially designated campsites with basic amenities, lakes with special places for recreation, these places for recreation you will find in the blog of our site.
Sports tourism in Transcarpathia: if you are a connoisseur of active recreation then on our site you will easily find housing for rent houses, wooden estates, hostels, hotels objects nearby

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