Алгоритм безоплатного отримання земельної ділянки у власність

The Constitution of Ukraine, namely Articles 12, 14 and the Land Code of Ukraine, Articles 78, 81, 116, 118, 121 stipulate that every citizen of Ukraine has the right to free1 one-time2 acquisition of land from state or communal lands 1 (free means that the plot is provided to you by the state free of charge, you pay only for the documentation that must be issued to certify the ownership of the land)

2 (one-time means for each purpose according to Article 121 of the LCU:

a) for farming - in the amount of land share (share), determined for members of agricultural enterprises located on the territory of the village, settlement, city council, where the farm is located. If there are several agricultural enterprises on the territory of a village, settlement or city council, the size of the land share (share) is determined as the average for these enterprises. In the absence of agricultural enterprises on the territory of the relevant council, the size of the land share (share) is determined as the average for the district;

b) for personal farming - not more than 2.0 hectares;

c) for horticulture - not more than 0.12 hectares;

d) for the construction and maintenance of a residential building, outbuildings and structures (homestead plot) in villages - not more than 0.25 hectares, in settlements - not more than 0.15 hectares, in cities - not more than 0.10 hectares;

e) for individual country house construction - not more than 0.10 hectares;

e) for the construction of individual garages - not more than 0.01 hectares.

And now the step-by-step instructions:

Submit an application to the local government (city, village council, district administration of the State Geocadastre). The application must indicate the purpose of one of the above a, b, c, d, e, d. The area of ​​the land in accordance with the purpose of a, b, c, d, e, d. The application must be accompanied by a diagram with the location of the land plots it is best to take it from the cadastral map of Ukraine selected plot pressed the button on the keyboard ptr sc opened WORD pressed the button CTRL + V and type. After that, within a month you should be given a decision to provide or not the opportunity to allocate land in this place and offer a plot where it can be allocated.

With the decision you apply to the land management organization that will first make you a cadastral case price from 1000 to 2000 hryvnia with this case you go to agree on the boundaries of the land to neighbors and the local government.

After approval, you return to the land management organization and they form a project for the allocation of land ownership and approve it in the State Geocadastre, if necessary, if the site for construction in the sector of urban planning and architecture.

After approving the allotment project, you pick it up and submit it to the local government for approval again, wait up to 30 days and receive the approved project. Together with the project you have to get two decisions on approval, one of which will be submitted to the State Geocadastre and the other to the state registrar.

Attribute the project to the same land management organization, they prepare an exchange file, enter information about the owner's land, the basis for allocation to the electronic file, hand it over to the registrars of the State Geological Agency in 10 days you receive an extract from the state cadastre.

With an extract from the cadastre decision on approval, a copy of the passport and id. Code. You go to the State Registrar and you know everything to him and in 10 days you receive the long-awaited document certifying your right to the land plot.

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