Transcarpathian real estate agency

Update real estate search filter now real estate search filter is at the top of each page and has a button at the bottom to collapse which reads "search" we have added more items to search for apartments, houses, land, holiday homes and commercial real estate, added a page real estate on the map with the search form, it is very convenient to rent a house or buy land because you immediately see if there will be a school, kindergarten, shop near the rented apartment or if you want to buy land in a particular place or buy real estate near a resort just go to our site go to the page real estate on the map there you search for the desired parameters in the search form and you are displayed map objects.

We have borrowed new features of our site from real estate bulletin boards and we are launching them in test mode, from now on our clients will be able to add real estate ads themselves by creating a personal account on our site.

or just add an ad

How to contact the specialists of our real estate agency:

the first way to communicate, the easiest way to call is to just dial our phone number +380952512345

The second way is to contact our real estate agency, call from the site, how to do it, just click your finger or mouse on the phone number next to the site logo and follow the link and you will open a regular dial on our phone on our mobile phone (this works for most browsers)

The third way to contact us to sell, buy or rent real estate is to chat with us

The fourth way to contact our real estate agency is to send us a message - via the contact form in the top menu

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