Buy apartment in new building in Zakarpattia

  • Zakarpattia oblast, Svalyavskui rayon, city Svalyava
    • Total number of floors: 5
  • Price on asking
Buy an apartment in a new building - SvalyavaApartments for sale in...

On our site you can find the best deals on new buildings in Transcarpathia - Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Khust, Polyana, Svalyava, Tyachiv, Berehove and others. settlements. Apartments from developers in houses put into operation, and those under construction, renovated and without, for every taste - one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, penthouses, basements and many other options.

Apartments in new buildings: where to buy real estate in Transcarpathia

Here you will find current ads in the best complexes (LCD) in the region.
Uzhhorod and Minai: "GREEN LAND" (Boss), "Club House", "West Towers", "Star", "Budapest", "Square", "University", "Radishcheva Novy", "Comfort City", "Modern" ,"Prestige";
Mukachevo: “9th district”, “Goodhome”, “Modern”, “Royal House”;
Svalyava: "Embankment Quarter", "Vidon", "Sakura", "Sunny Quarter";
Polyana: “Arena Village”, “Green Park Resort” and others.
There are also offers from ZhK “Sky Towers” ​​(Tyachiv), ZhK “Sunny Quarter” (Golubyne) and from other residential complexes and quarters of Zakarpattia. Search - much more convenient than on LUN, DOM.RIA, Flatfy, and similar services for buying / selling real estate in new buildings. We constantly have new ads, register on the site and be the first to be notified of new offers in the real estate market.

How to find real estate in new buildings in Transcarpathia

We have simplified the process of finding real estate in new buildings in areas with developed infrastructure and a beautiful view from the window. You enter the basic parameters in the filter, and start the search. All offers are relevant and freely available. We will also help you get a mortgage, buy an apartment at the best price on credit with an official income of at least 350 thousand hryvnia per year.

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