Land plots in Transcarpathia, the Carpathians

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  • Zakarpattia oblast, Tyachiv district, village of Teresva
  • $ 10 000
Buy land in TeresvaLand for sale in Teresva - TranscarpathiaLand for sale...
  • Zakarpattia oblast, Uzhgorod district, sity Ujgorod
  • Price on asking
Buy a plot on Chervenitsa in UzhgorodLand for sale in Uzhgorod on...
  • Zakarpattia oblast, Мукачівський район, smt Chynadiyovo
  • $ 13 200
Land for cottages for sale near MukachevoBuy a plot in Transcarpathia -...
  • Zakarpattia oblast, Khustsky rayon, city of Khust
  • $ 5 600
Building plot for sale near Khust
  • Zakarpattia oblast, Khustsky rayon, willage Pilipec
  • Price on asking
Buy land in TranscarpathiaLand for sale in the village of PylypetsLand for...
  • Zakarpattia oblast, Tyachiv district, the city of Tyachiv
  • $ 8 000
Продам земельну ділянку. Знаходиться в районі Bosch service. Всі документи готові.
  • Zakarpattia oblast, Uzhgorod district, sity Ujgorod
  • $ 35 000
Sale of plots in UzhgorodBuy a plot on Chervenitsa in UzhgorodAngular land...
  • Zakarpattia oblast, Мукачівський район, село Вільховиця
  • $ 22 000
Sale of land near the river and forest in TranscarpathiaBuy plot in...
  • Zakarpattia oblast, Svalyavskui rayon, wilage Solochin
  • $ 19 500
Buy land in SolochinInexpensive land for sale in the village of Solochyn...
  • Zakarpattia oblast, Svalyavskui rayon, Сусково
  • $ 20 000
Buy a plot in Suskov - TranscarpathiaLand for sale in the Carpathians...
  • Zakarpattia oblast, Uzhgorod district, Onokivtsi village
  • $ 21 500
Land for sale in Onokivtsi near UzhhorodA plot of land for sale...
  • Zakarpattia oblast, Uzhgorod district, Barvinok village
  • $ 16 000
Buy a plot in Periwinkle near UzhgorodFor sale in a good village...

A plot of land bought or leased is a great opportunity to start construction and / or engage in commercial activities. But keep in mind that there are different categories of land. For example, among buyers and tenants the most popular areas of agricultural land and land for housing and public buildings. The first is intended for growing crops, tillage, the second - for construction. On the site you can find current ads for the lease and sale of land for various purposes in different regions of the Ukrainian Carpathians and Transcarpathia, including near the border (or almost on the border) with Hungary, Slovakia and Romania. If you own land and want to sell it or lease it for a short or long term, you can also place your ad with us. If you are looking for a quality alternative to OLX - welcome to “Buy House”!

Types of land for sale and rent

As mentioned above, the land is distributed according to purpose. Consider the main options.

Agricultural land
These include land for agricultural production, agricultural research and educational activities. These can be:

  • Agricultural lands (farming);
  • Non-agricultural lands (for example, forest belts, protective plantings);
  • Arable;
  • Perelogi (arable land that has not been used for more than a year;
  • Hayfields and pastures.

On the site you can find, buy / rent cheap agricultural land for a farm, vegetable garden, garden, greenhouse, etc. as an individual or entrepreneur, as well as to offer their own land that meets the requirements of agriculture.

Land for housing and public buildings

Such lands include plots within settlements that are used to house housing, public buildings and structures (residential buildings, dormitories, outbuildings, etc.). Residential and public lands are used for the construction of the following facilities:

  • Residential buildings;
  • Temporary residence buildings;
  • Garages, parking lots;
  • Warehouses;
  • Production facilities;
  • Public, religious organizations;
  • TC, mall;
  • Catering establishments;
  • Tourist infrastructure;
  • Institutions of communal, household services, etc.

If you need to buy or rent land for the construction of a commercial property or just your own house, you can find advantageous options here. We have collected proven proposals from the Transcarpathian, Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv regions of Ukraine.

Sale and lease of land in Transcarpathia: where to find land
On our site you can find the best offers in different communities and settlements of the region - Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Beregovo, Minai, Storozhnytsia, Khust, Kosino, Shayan, Polyana, Solochin, Svalyava, Tyachiv, Rakhiv, Bukovel, Mizhhirya, Lumshory, Pylypets, Podobovets, Berehove, Irshava, Yaremche, Polyanytsya (near Bukovel), Yablunytsia, Play, Slavske, Izky, Krasiya, Vyznytsia, Chinadiyevo, Sinyak, Polyana, Golubyne, Vorokhta, Deida, and others. The area of ​​land in the search filter is specified in acres:

1 hectare = 100 square meters;

1 hectare (ha.) = 100 acres.

Thanks to the filter you can find a good offer in seconds, and buy or rent land in Transcarpathia. We will note that at the moment only citizens of Ukraine, the companies registered in Ukraine, communities, or the state can buy the land plot in Ukraine.


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