Production Premises

  • Zakarpattia oblast, Vynohradiv district, Verbovets village
    • Floor: 1
    • Total square: 1001 m2
  • Price on asking
Sale of industrial premises in TranscarpathiaThe premises of the former garment factory...
  • Zakarpattia oblast, Мукачівський район, city of Mukachevo
    • Total number of floors: 1
    • Total square: 1250 m2
  • Price on asking
Premises for sale near Mukachevo, the premises are partially reconstructed
  • Zakarpattia oblast, Svalyavskui rayon, city Svalyava
    • Floor: 1
    • Total square: 25000 m2
  • Price on asking
Buy rent industrial premises in SvalyavaIndustrial premises for sale near the railway...

Sale of industrial, warehouse premises in Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Svalyava, Khust

Here are the advertisements buy industrial premises warehouses in Transcarpathia - Berehove, Vynohradiv, Khust, Tyachev

Page of our site with ads for the sale of premises for production, warehouses in Transcarpathia, we will help you buy premises with high ceilings, connected communications and other characteristics you need in industrial areas.

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