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Commercial real estate in Transcarpathia

  • Zakarpattia region, Мукачівський район, city of Mukachevo
    • 1 bedroom
    • Floor: 1
    • Total square: 174 m2
  • $ 1 737 per month
Rent a room in MukachevoPremises for rent in the central part of...
  • Zakarpattia region, Мукачівський район, city of Mukachevo
    • Floor: 1
    • Total square: 75 m2
  • $ 734 per month
To be rented out for repairs near the center of Mukachevo, a...
  • Zakarpattia region, Svalyavskui rayon, city Svalyava
    • Floor/Total number of floors: 1/3
    • Total square: 150 m2
  • $ 1 412 per month
Здається  в оренду перший поверх торгово офісного приміщення в центрі міста Мукачево,...
  • Zakarpattia region, Мукачівський район, city of Mukachevo
    • Total number of floors: 3
    • Total square: 450 m2
  • $ 3 533 per month
A modern three-storey commercial and office space for rent, each floor of...

Transcarpathian real estate agency "Buy house" is engaged in renting commercial premises, we will help you to rent an office, shop, retail outlet, cafe in all settlements of Transcarpathia, rent commercial real estate in Uzhgorod, Mukachevo, Beregovo, Svalyava, Khulyast Vynohradiv, Tyachiv, Irshava and the villages of Transcarpathia near the sanatoriums, if you have commercial real estate for rent, please contact HELP to rent it.

Looking to rent a room in a specific locality and according to specific parameters for business activities, you want to rent a shop. or a room for a catering establishment, rent a hotel with a medical base, a sanatorium with mineral water then contact us and we will help you rent such real estate.

Here you can place your ads for the lease of commercial real estate.

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