#223, to buy land in Sinyak

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Zakarpattia region, Мукачівський район, willage Syniak

$ 29 477 Sale
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Іван Чийпеш
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Date created: 05 08 2021, 23:00
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Property type:
land plot
Zakarpattia region, Мукачівський район, willage Syniak, over the village
Purpose of the site:
For housing construction
Land square:
30 ares

Buy inexpensive land for residential and garden construction in the village of Sinyak

A plot of land in the tourist elite village of Sinyak, Mukachevo district, near the Sinyak sanatorium in a quiet, cozy corner of the Carpathians. Land for sale at a low price.

$ 29 477 Sale
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