#97, buy a booth dacha in Zakarpatty

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Sell, House, 4 bedrooms

Zakarpattia region, Svalyavskui rayon, Вовчий

$ 98 073 Sale
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Date created: 01 01 2021, 14:30
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Zakarpattia region, Svalyavskui rayon, Вовчий, Zhdimir tract
Total square:
195 m2
Number of bedrooms:
Land square:
20 ares

BUY NERUKHOMIS AT "VOVCHOMA" VOVCHY VILLAGE, SVALYAVSKY DISTRICT.There is a shortage of booths for sale on two surfaces in the village of the reserve Vovchiy booth for rooting in the tract "Zhdimir" for the trout state. Stan booth First on top of the great hall, and the accessories are ready, the electricity is set up, and the heat is set to apply the last cosmetic ball of the farbi and become the stilts, the other on top of the tree is 90% ready, which is too much to put the glass on top of the other. Sleeping booths on the sleepy side of the forest in the backyard on a small lake. Electricity needs to be connected to stand in front of the dilyanka. The overwhelming of the given booth is the easiest way to grow in the ecologically clean zone and the sleeping place to grow, minimizing noise.

$ 98 073 Sale
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форелеві господарства, ресторан, залізнична станція 1,5 км
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