#98, dacha near the sanatorium Kvitka Polonyny

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Zakarpattia region, Svalyavskui rayon, Голубине

$ 142 480 Sale
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Іван Чийпеш
Іван Чийпеш Broker for the sale of non-hassle with the security of robots of more than five rockets, guaranteeing to its customers...
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Date created: 01 01 2021, 14:30
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Zakarpattia region, Svalyavskui rayon, Голубине, street Old Corners
Total square:
110 m2
2 floor of 2 total
Number of bedrooms:

FELL HOUSE FOR SALE NEAR SANATORIUM "KVITKA POLONYNY"BUY A HOUSE IN TRANSCARPATHIA, SVALYAVY, POLYANY.Buy a house near the sanatorium "Crystal Source"Real estate in Transcarpathia, buy a house in the CarpathiansThe house is built of square beams by modern technology, on the ground floor kitchen with living room and bathroom, the house is sold with furniture, the house is fully equipped with authentic designer wooden handmade furniture, the yard is very well designed and implemented divided into a front sunny courtyard where there is a well with drinking water, a garage and a place for a frame pool, the front yard is paved, the back yard with a lawn and fruit trees and a gazebo.

$ 142 480 Sale
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