Land in the village of Botfalva.

Buy land for construction in the Carpathians the village of Botfalva.

We offer you to buy a plot of land in the the village of Botfalva.for residential and country construction, a plot for a hotel, restaurant or gas station, as well as other types of commercial or industrial use in Carpathians. We clearly understand the specifics of restrictions on the use of land in some industries or agricultural facilities, so we do not offer everything in a row, but clearly select plots for the customer.
Sale of shares and agricultural land in the Transcarpathian region. We offer cooperation to investors who are looking for sites for industrial, hotel, restaurant, facilities in Transcarpathia, we will select the right real estate for you, we will help with urban planning documentation.

Plots for housing in the village of Botfalva and business.

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Zakarpattia region, Uzhhorod rayon, the village of Botfalva
Buy a plot of land in the village of Botfalva, the land has a flat terrain and a rectangular shape, located in...
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